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Missy Arnold

I am a wife and a mother of two young boys. Being a mom has always been my life goal and once it finally became a reality I decided I just couldn’t do it only part time. I had to find something that would allow me to have the flexibility to be there for them but still contribute financially to our family. I have a passion for helping others live a healthy life and create a safe environment for their family. So, I reached out to Changing Lives. That was the best phone call I ever made!

I learned there were many moms who were successfully creating a balanced life that allowed them quality time with their families and real, consistent income. After being diagnosed with cancer my passion to educate others grew. I am now healthy and feel very blessed that I get to educate others about something I so passionately believe in, work with wonderful business partners and continue to earn the type of income you can count on year after year after year.




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