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I met Karen during the Kentucky Derby in 1994. On that very first night we met we talked about having our own business. At the time I had been in Medical Sales for the past 25 years, but when Karen and I blended our two families together it just wasn’t what I wanted anymore. I was on the road 4 days a week and had no time to spend with Karen and our five kids.

Don’t get me wrong, medical sales was very lucrative. It provided well for our family, especially considering I didn’t have a college education. Then the last company I was with was bought out 3 times in 5 years. My last year, it was October and I still didn’t know what the details of my compensation were.

So we thought about what we could do and realized that in order to get the time and financial freedom we were looking for, we would need to have our own business. Ironically I walked into a grand opening of a franchise restaurant and thought…we can do this! So that is what we did…we decided to open franchise restaurants. Except we weren’t wealthy – we took my retirement, borrowed money from Karen’s Dad and a $340,000 SBA loan. We made the worst business decision ever! In 3 short years, we had 3 restaurants, were on the verge of bankruptcy and $700,000 in debt. So absolutely no time or financial freedom!

That’s when we were introduced to the manufacturer we market for and made the best business decision. We fell in love with the products, the company and their marketing model. In 5 years, we paid off our debt and relocated to a city of our choice. I was able to retire from medical sales and now we are rebuilding our retirement. We love paying it forward by helping others not make the same mistakes we did and truly change their lives.

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