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I am very lucky to be married to my best friend and partner in every sense of the word and we have been blessed with two amazing children. Before we had Stella and Shane, I was in sales and marketing. I loved what I did and was very good at it. Being successful was very important to me. Then, the day I gave birth to my daughter everything changed. What I wanted and the meaning of success shifted drastically. All I wanted to do was stay home and be the best mommy I could be. We were torn. We didnít want to sacrifice a nice life, but we also didnít want that to mean sticking our kids in daycare.

So we decided for me to stay home with our children and not go back to work. That meant we needed something I could do from home, around our kids schedules.

Sixteen year ago, my mother introduced to me to We Are Changing Lives. She referred me to this amazing company and I immediately fell in love with their products. Now in business for myself, We Are Changing Lives has allowed me to partner with others who are looking for the same thing. I get to help others change their lives and find peace of mind, happiness, and balance.

We Are Changing Lives allows me the flexibility to build my work schedule around my familyís needs and to build a business where the income has no cap. Finding We Are Changing Lives has blessed me both personally and professionally. I am building a business and friendships that will last a lifetime.




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