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I was married at 18, had my daughter at 20 and divorced at 23.  My early corporate career was challenging as I juggled being a single mom while climbing the corporate ladder in facilities management for major companies. Then my mom’s breast cancer diagnosis caused me to shift my focus back to get my undergraduate degree and then to medical school. I quickly learned that medicine was about the sickness business and it just wasn’t for me. It was then that I met Mark. When we married, I immediately shifted from single mom to happily married in a blended family with five kids!

Mark had a 30 year career in medical sales and to enable him to leave the corporate rat race, we opened three franchise restaurants in hopes of creating time and financial freedom, neither of which happened. Mark was unable to leave and I ended up running the daily restaurant operations.

Then in 1999, we were introduced to a US manufacturer that was looking for individuals to market for them. Their unique business model made so much sense - without the negatives that the restaurant business had - no large investment or financial risk, no employees or overhead, and no working 365 days of the year! It actually gave us back what we had lost…hope.

We now have a life where we are free from the debts of the restaurants and school and are creating a secure retirement allowing us to live the life we dreamed of. We have a lakefront home where we love to have coffee on the boat and fish with our grandkids.

We Are Changing Lives is a community of highly successful men and women who are helping others change their lives by creating a life of freedom, flexibility, and wellness.

We have changed our lives; we would love to help you change yours!

Karen Caprino-Burg

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