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Being introduced to We are Changing Lives was truly a blessing to my familyís life.
A year and a half ago our lives were suddenly changed with a terminal diagnosis for my oldest son. As a mother this was a life changing moment in so many ways. I had been lucky enough to be working from home running a home improvement company and this gave me the freedom to be next to my son through everything. I got to be mom, however it was still a struggle to juggle a 40+ hour a week job while balancing his needs as well as be a wife and mother to our 4 other children.

After years with my company I received a call saying that the company would be closing and I only had 2 weeks left of employment. Here again we were at a cross road on what we would do. I could not go out and get a traditional office job. My sonís needs donít allow for me to do that and yes we could live off of 1 income but I did not want to put the stress on our family.

This is when I was introduced to We are Changing Lives and everything made sense. This company allowed me to find my purpose again. I am able to help others but first and foremost I am able to be a mom. I have the freedom to be at all my childrenís events, volunteer in their school, and never have to miss a moment with them.

God placed this blessing in my life and surrounded me with such incredible people to help me grow and who genuinely care about my family and I. I have been able to share my business with other families and help them see there is a way to make family first and still earn an income. I am so thankful that I have found an amazing group of people whom I have built ever lasting friendships with.




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